Caregiver Videos

Wills and Power of Attorney – English  Hindi   Punjabi   Urdu
Funeral Planning – English   Hindi   Punjabi   Urdu  
Challenges of Being a Caregiver – English   Hindi   Punjabi   Urdu  
Cultural Myths Versus Reality on Caregiver Stress – English   Hindi   Punjabi   Urdu  
Grief and Bereavement – English   Hindi   Punjabi   Urdu  
What To Do When a Loved One Dies – English   Hindi   Punjabi   Urdu  

Practical Care

Comforting Your Loved One When They Are Dying – English   Hindi   Punjabi   Urdu  
Importance of Communication – English   Hindi   Punjabi   Urdu  
Managing Medications – English   Hindi   Punjabi   Urdu  
Changing an Occupied Bed – English   Hindi   Punjabi   Urdu  
Re-Positioning – English   Hindi   Punjabi   Urdu  
Transferring Someone In and Out of Bed – English   Hindi   Punjabi   Urdu  
What Dying Looks Like During the Final Weeks of Life – English   Hindi   Punjabi   Urdu  
What Dying Looks Like During Final Days of Life – English   Hindi   Punjabi   Urdu  
Closure After Death Occurs – English   Hindi   Punjabi   Urdu