Thanks to a Generous Community, There is No Cost to All Who Benefit from Our Programs and Services

Heart House Hospice offers a wide array of programs and services to meet the unique needs of the individuals, families and friends we help. There are no costs to the people who use our services.

Heart House Hospice receives partial government funding, but to bridge the funding gap, we must raise $437,200 every year. Every dollar that we receive from individuals, corporations, service clubs, foundations and through special events, allows us to be here for those in need in your community. We recognize that at a time of need individuals and families are overwhelmed with concerns and we want them to rest assured that there will be resources available to help them.

Many palliative individuals and their families and friends ask us how they can contribute so that others just like them can continue to receive support and take part in programs and services offered by Heart House Hospice.

Every gift is important and appreciated. There are many opportunities available to show appreciation and to make a difference for families yet to walk this path.

How Can You, Your Family and Friends Help?

Honour with a Tribute Gift

A tribute donation is a great way to honour a special occasion (a wedding, anniversary, birthday or special holiday) for someone who means the world to you. All tribute gifts receive a charitable tax receipt and a special card is sent to the recipient of your choice to acknowledge your special gift.

Making a General Donation

Many palliative individuals, their family and friends choose to make a personal donation to support Heart House Hospice Community Programs. Donations may be made online, by phone, by cheque, and cash can be brought to Heart House Hospice at 1-855 Matheson Blvd. E., Mississauga, ON L4W 4L6. All general donations will receive a charitable tax receipt.

Monthly Donations

We have a wonderful way for your gift to be given monthly through credit card debit. We can set this up so that your annual gift can be spread over the year. You can set this up in person or by calling the office with your plans for donation.

“We Remember” – In Memorium Donations

Directing In Memorium gifts to Heart House Hospice is a frequent wish of palliative individuals and their families. Heart House Hospice has In Memorium cards that we will deliver or send to the funeral home or memorial service location determined by the family.

If this is your wish, please contact Heart House Hospice to learn more about how we can help you with this process.

An In Memorium webpage can be placed on the Heart House Hospice website to receive on-line donations and for donors and guests who want to leave a tribute message.

All memorial gifts are tax receiptable to the donor.

A thank you letter is also sent to the person making the donation.

A list of all the names and addresses of the donations is sent to the family should they desire to send out their own thank you notes.

Gift of Stock/Securities

Tax changes have made it attractive to donate publicly traded securities. You can donate stocks, bonds, as well as other securities and pay no tax on the capital gains. If you are considering this option, our qualified fund development staff can meet with you and your broker to discuss options for maximum benefit to you the donor.

Payroll Deductions/Matching Gift Program

These programs are offered by many companies and are an easy way to continue to support Heart House Hospice. Family members and friends may wish to designate Heart House Hospice as their organization of choice when selecting a charity for their company’s payroll deduction campaign.

Some companies offer Matching Gift Programs that will match a donation from an employee or will even donate to an organization for which an employee volunteers. Please speak with your company’s human resource department or office administrator to see if either of these programs is available in your workplace.

Planned Giving

Be part of the next generation of palliative and hospice services. Your legacy gift will make a change in the lives many other families that will face their end of life journey.

Your legacy gift can take many forms:

  • Bequests: Make a gift to Heart House Hospice through your will.
  • RRSP/RRIF Funds: Make a gift by naming Heart House Hospice as the beneficiary on your RRSPs or RRIPs.
  • Life Insurance: Make a gift by designating Heart House Hospice as the owner and beneficiary of an unneeded policy or create a new policy to make your donation.
  • Appreciated Securities: Donate appreciated securities such as stocks, bonds, GICs or royalties and eliminate capital gains taxes as well as benefit from a charitable tax receipt for your gift.
  • Endowments: Create an endowment. Name the endowment of honour of yourself or your loved one with the earned income directed to Heart House Hospice or contribute to the Heart House Hospice funds held at the Brampton Community Foundation and the Mississauga Community Foundation. This type of gift will benefit Heart House Hospice in perpetuity.

Read the Donor Bill of Rights.

If you would like to discuss a gift intention to Heart House Hospice, Lisa Hoekstra, our Director of Development, would be happy to review your needs and interests. We also advise you to consult a professional advisor such as an attorney, estate planner and/or accountant on how best to leave an appropriate legacy.

Contact Lisa Hoekstra with any questions you may have.