Day Program

The Day Program provides a weekly opportunity for men and women who are living with a life-limiting progressive illness to enjoy a time of relaxation, caring companionship in a safe, comfortable setting, and even just plain fun! It offers a place for tranquility and social sharing, enjoying snacks and taking part in complementary therapies.

Feedback from our Day Program Participants

I want to thank the volunteers for all the hard work that they do. I really appreciate it. I look forward to coming here on Wednesday’s because it’s so enjoyable for me.

The volunteers brighten my day in many ways. They listen to me when I have to say something. They meet me at the door. They make me feel at home.

When I’m down and I feel upset they know I’m upset and always cheer me up. I feel happy when I’m going home. Sometimes I don’t feel like doing anything and I force myself to come here. And when I come here I feel better. Every day here is just great. They make me feel wanted here. When I first came here I was scared because I didn’t know anyone but now I’m not because I get to meet people.

Heart House Hospice programs are offered at no cost to the individuals and families. We receive partial funding from the government but to bridge the gap, we must raise $437,200 each year relying on the generosity of corporations, foundations, community minded citizens, service clubs and special events.

Click here, if you are interested in volunteering as a part of this team.

Interested in finding out more about the Day Program? Contact Janice Ing, Day Hospice Coordinator.