I am grateful for your phone calls and your sympathy card regarding my bereavement. It has somewhat eased the pain I feel. I’ll be strong with your support. I also thank you for the help given from you during the days which my wife and me fought her cancer. It was through the support from you and Heart House Hospice that helped my family get through this difficult time.


“My bereavement volunteer is a beautiful person. My spiritual care and therapeutic touch volunteer calms me down…she makes me relax…I love her visits.”

“My volunteer has a beautiful disposition. She talks the same things I talk. I was very depressed the other day, and she brought me out of my depression – she even spent an extra half hour with me. She is very straightforward with me but is very careful with me about how she talks to me about my illness. She knows exactly what to say so as not to upset me. She is very respectful. I look forward to her visits. This week she couldn’t come because her basement flooded. I missed her very much. She has a beautiful disposition and a wonderful laugh. She is a very nice person. There are not many people who come here who I can say that about – I am very honest – but she is someone special. She makes a difference in my life.”

“Our volunteer’s work is priceless. She is not doing it for any other reason except the goodness of her heart. Angelo pays her in six figures by S-M-I-L-E-S! He doesn’t respond to everyone only to a special person like this volunteer. She’s an ordinary person disguised as an angel! 


My mother passed away at Credit Valley Hospital. She passed peacefully and I was with her for most of the day. We got a chance to talk. She was comforted by my presence. Thank you for all the help and support you gave us – for advocating for me and Mom. We appreciate all the help you gave us. I will be making a donation to the hospice.


I am so glad that you are there to support Richard and that he and his family are reaching out. They are such a lovely family. He said something that stuck with me – that my shoulders were not big enough for him to cry on – and so I am glad he felt that he could let out emotion with you. Again thanks for your update. You do great work, I cannot even begin to tell you.

Dr. from local hospital

Our experience with Heart House Hospice was brief yet instrumental in accessing care and support for our father. We had an unusual situation. Dad arrived at my home in Mississauga for a 2 week visit, and in that time, he was diagnosed with a terminal illness – a short prognosis – and was unable to return to his home in BC. After a hospital stay, we learned of Heart House Hospice through a social worker and this connection enabled us to navigate a very challenging time. Dad was not a resident of Ontario, therefore had limited support for palliative health care.

I met with Jane from Heart House Hospice and was introduced to the CCAC and the palliative care web of services and support that were available to us, including accessing the necessary forms and legal documents for health and end of life care. This was a world I knew nothing about!

From that point on, I had the confidence to support my Dad and my family in the face of adversity. Jane came to our house and spoke with my young children and visiting family about end of life care, but more importantly, Jane spoke with Dad and helped him feel at ease with the situation. Although Dad’s rapid journey to end of life was, at times, overwhelming, I had the faith that “someone was watching my back” and that was Heart House Hospice (Jane), who called to check in frequently to ensure we were alright.

Dad passed away within a month of his arrival here. In that short time, I learned many valuable lessons, one of them being the importance of community support from people who understand the situation. Our family thanks Heart House Hospice for guiding us along Dad’s journey.

This does not in any way fully capture how unbelievable you have been in guiding me and my family! I would have to write a novel or two Take care and please let your team know how grateful we are to have you folks in our life and our community.


I wanted to let you know how much I appreciate your help. You made it easier for me to handle this situation.


Thanks so much for keeping in touch these past several months. Life with 2 kids and very demanding jobs keeps us extremely busy and I haven’t had time to respond or read your materials. We miss my mom terribly, and talk about her all the time, but we’re doing ok. We share good memories, have a laugh now and then and certainly share some tears, but overall I think we’re all handling it very well.

I think the service you provide to those who are losing a loved one and are grieving is wonderful. You help so many people and I know they appreciate it. Thanks for being there for my family. Keep doing your great work and all the best. 


Thank you so much for running this bereavement group. I will miss it. It gave me something to look forward to. The group members have influenced me and gave me a lot of room for thought.


A note to express my warmest thanks. I am truly grateful for your help and listening during my sessions regarding the passing of Mary Lou. I am still teary eyed and heart broken and I know each passing day gets a little better. Mary Lou was truly a remarkable woman and the sweetest, sincerest, funniest friend I have known. She will remain in my memory forever and her footprints lie deep in my heart. A mentor, a friend and my adopted “Big, Little, Sis”. God love her, I did. Thank you and all the best to you.


Thank you so much for your care and support. You have made a tremendous difference in my healing grief journey!


You entered our lives for a brief period of time and became part of the family. Paul loved to talk, especially about family, and you were a new, captive audience.

The service was beautiful. You helped to make a very trying day a little less painful and for this and all else, I thank you.

Paul had a great deal of respect for you, as do I.