Partners for a great cause

We are proud to be partners with the Children and Youth Grief Network (CYGN) in the Peel region.

Below you will find multiple resources about grief.

  • Handbook for Volunteers: Supporting Children Grieving the Dying and Death of a Loved One (for ages 6-12)
  • Guide des bénévoles: soutien aux enfants en deuil d’un être cher (en fin de vie ou décédé) (for ages 6-12)
  • A Handbook for Supporters: Extending Compassion & Care to Grieving Youth (for ages 12-18)

The Grief and Dead Education Toolkit (Trousse pédagogique sur le deuil et la mort)

The toolkit includes an outline of death education, lesson plans, tip sheets, and resource lists. The lesson plans compliment Ontario curriculum standards for grades 4-10, and outline ways to incorporate lessons about death and grief into classroom discussions. This toolkit can be used to promote a better understanding of children’s grief, help students develop the skills to cope with grief, and help educators feel more comfortable addressing grief within the school setting. Available in English and French!

Child’s Grief Awareness Family Day Toolkit

A downloadable toolkit, complete with tips, tricks, and templates for launching your own grief awareness events for families.

Coping with Grief Toolkit

The Help Us Understand Grief (H.U.U.G.) Program at Heart House Hospice has assembled toolkits for grieving students. These grief toolkits are available for schools in the Peel and Halton region. Toolkits include supplies (ex. tissues, playdoh, resource list, journal and pen) for students who are anticipating, or experienced, a death. To request a toolkit please contact

Provided in partnership with the Family Education Centre Available in English, French, Arabic, Mandarin, Punjabi, Spanish, and Urdu!
  • Tips for Recognizing a Grieving Child or Youth
  • Communicating with Your Child or Youth about Grief
  • Parenting When Your Child or Youth is Grieving
  • The Importance of Self-Care In Helping Your Child or Youth Grieve
E-Learning Course Free e-learning program Weathering the Storm: Parenting Grieving Children offers assistance to caregivers parenting grieving children.

Informing a Child of a Death

Postcard-sized tip sheet includes information on how to tell a child about a death and support each other while moving forward.

Support Grieving Children and Youth at School
with Andrea Warnick

When students are facing a serious illness or the dying or death of a family member, school staff are often a key support to the child. Inform school staff on how to best support grieving children and you in the school and classroom.

Watch this video series (start at the INtroduction)

Youth Share their Experience with Grief

Youth share their experiences of living with a loved one who is ill, becoming a young carer, and coping with grief.

They give advice for those in similar situations.