To lead, provide, partner and INSPIRE excellent hospice palliative care
in our community.


To provide compassion, support and advocacy that lessens the distress of serious illness and loss on individuals, families and the community.

Strategic pillars

  • Facilitating the Dialogue – promoting opportunities for discussion and public awareness about living well with illness, dying, death, grief and loss.
  • Embracing Growth – adding and enhancing services and resources to support access in the community.
  • Investing in People and Partnerships – fostering a culture that inspires volunteers and staff to be the best they can be and to partner with other system providers to ensure the best possible experience for persons served.
  • Developing a Compassionate Community – supporting individuals,families, the community through the phases of living and dying.
  • Achieving Excellence – continuing our journey as a Centre of Excellence in care through an ongoing commitment to quality improvement, evidence based practice and responsible resource utilization.


Integrity will be the foundation for building our credibility and reputation. It will permeate everything we say and do.

Caring is an essential value in the organization. Our hallmark will be the care we provide to our clients and the people who love them. Our organization is built on the genuine care and concern we have for our clients and our desire to provide support, quality and compassionate care.

As an organization, we will be guided by our honesty. We will benefit from our ability to be direct and sincere with each other and with the people we serve, as well as other organizations we partner with, in order to provide quality care.

Our sense of responsibility and compassion drives our commitment to provide quality, end-of-life care to individuals. We take our responsibilities seriously. We understand how important our role is to both the people we serve and their families at a very significant time in their lives. We will uphold the commitments we make to the people we serve, and will be reliable and dependable in the services we provide.

We continually foster mutual respect with every member of the care team, and our persons served. We extend this respect to our partners and our fellow members in the organization by acknowledging their unique talents and attributes. Our mutual respect is reflected in our daily conduct.

As an organization, we hold ourselves accountable to our commitments. We do not make commitments lightly and understand that we must follow through on our promises to the people we serve and to each other.

We are sincere and genuine in all that we do. We strive to be honest and straightforward in our interactions with each other and with the people we serve.


We believe we provide the utmost in quality care by upholding high standards of excellence in our conduct, in our programs and in our interaction with others. We pride ourselves on providing quality care for our clients and strive to maintain and exceed standards of excellence. Our performance will ultimately distinguish us in the marketplace.

Our work demands that we constantly demonstrate social responsibility. Sensitivity and continuous improvement in the quality care we provide will be essential in responding to the needs of our clients. We understand the social responsibility and importance of our role in servicing the people in the community.

We believe that every individual should experience the best quality of life possible. Our quality standards and commitment to excellence ensures that we are providing the highest-quality care to each individual.

Our organization believes strongly in forging partnerships and teamwork. It is through the talents and commitment of the team that we will improve and broaden our services. We will continually foster and encourage teamwork to ensure that we make a meaningful difference to the people we serve.

We understand that the work our staff and volunteers do is emotionally demanding and requires a supportive environment that is solely focused on the client and their family. This single-minded focus will ensure that we provide the highest-quality, end-of-life experience. We believe that a team working in a supportive environment will deliver the best care.

We are committed to providing the highest-quality training available. Our staff and volunteers require and deserve to be equipped with the most up-to-date training. We believe training is an important component in our achievement of quality standards and service excellence.

Our organization is committed to innovation. We believe it will enable us to operate more efficiently and effectively. Innovation will ensure that our clients and their families receive the highest-quality care available. We will strive to identify opportunities for innovation in every aspect of our organization.

We are proud to be an inclusive organization. We are diverse in terms of our staff and volunteers and the clients we serve. We take great joy in welcoming all people from all walks of life into our organization. Diversity and inclusiveness strengthens and enriches the quality of our services and the care we offer. We cultivate and nurture partnerships with other service providers to provide the people we serve with the best care.

Heart House Hospice Organizational
& Inspirational Documents

Mississauga Halton Local Health Integration Network (MH LHIN)

Heart House Hospice Annual Report

Multi-sector service accountability agreement (MSAA)

audited finanical statements 2020-2021

strategic plan 2020-2024

"I really appreciated the visits from you and the peace of mind that comes with your promise to continue to support my Mom after I die."
"Thank you so much for being there during the most difficult time in my life. I will never forget you."
"Thank you for all you have done for my daughter. She is playing with her friends again and no longer stands alone by the wall at recess. She is no longer afraid to visit the cemetery and talks about her Daddy all the time."
"I have always said that Heart House Hospice has been one of the most helpful agencies I have worked with! You are truly amazing at helping families in the most difficult of times."
"After my complementary therapy treatment, I felt refreshed, calmer and more relaxed."
"You are the only person who is listening. You are the only one in this whole story who has taken the time to listen and acknowledge my feelings and me."

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