At Heart House Hospice we believe that both physical, and mental health, are interconnected and critical factors in your overall well-being. There are many dimensions that can influence health and quality of life. It is normal for all aspects of a person’s life to be affected when they are diagnosed with a life-threatening illness. Our goal at Heart House is to provide counselling, support, advocacy, education and information to individuals and their families in order to improve quality of life in all dimensions of wellness.

Health is a state of body. Wellness is a state of being.

― J. Stanford

These dimensions continuously overlap and connect. We believe that positive changes to one or more can improve overall wellness and well-being.


Throughout the year we offer a number of trainings to equip our team and the people we serve with the skills to help them care for themselves and others.

We offer and provide training to our volunteers to develop the skills they need to support the people and families that use our services. We make sure each volunteer has the training and support they need to support our families well. Different volunteer roles require their own training. Upcoming volunteer programs and training are listed on the calendar.

A number of trainings and education programs are offered throughout the year. Trainings include reiki, aromatherapy, Therapeutic Touch TM and Meditation.

Available trainings are listed on our calendar and are intended and open to the audience indicated by the colour on the calendar.

We also have education and trainings available for the individuals who are living with an illness, caregivers and family members. We have created or partners with others to create; tip sheets, videos and e-learning series (link to location on website). We also offer in person trainings that can be found on the calendar as well.