Young Carers Awareness Day

By Lisa Hoekstra,

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Hana’s Story

One of Hana’s first caregiving memories is attending medical appointments at the age of 9 to translate between English and Arabic for her father who lost his legs to diabetes when she was 3.  Now 20, Hana does the same for her mother who had a heart attack.  Along with translation, Hana also puts on her dad’s prostheses, monitors medication for her parents, and ensures household chores are done.  Hana balances her caregiving with studying environmental technology at Niagara College, working, planning for her future and just trying to be a young adult.  Hana is one of four children who have all contributed to their family as young carers over the years.

Hana is one of almost 500,000 young carers in Ontario who are between the ages of 15 and 24 years old.  On January 25, 2018, Heart House Hospice along with The Ontario Caregiver Coalition and its members and partner community agencies, will be announcing and celebrating Ontario’s first annual Young Carer Day.  Young Carers Awareness Day acknowledges and celebrates the importance of their continued contribution to our health care system, economy, and respectively, their communities.  Celebrating Young Carers Awareness Day will shine a spotlight on young carers and start a province-wide discussion on how to better recognize and support young carers in their everyday life.  

Join us in celebrating the work of young carers in our communities. 

For more information on young carers, click here.  

Click here for our press release.

If you are a young carer in need of support, please contact Heart House Hospice at 905-712-8119 and inquire about our H.U.U.G. program

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