Art therapy combines the creative process and psychotherapy to facilitate self-exploration and understanding. The art therapist will provide a directive such as using a poem, image, mandala, or an artistic idea as a starting point, or you can choose to make a self-directed art piece. There are many art materials and tools you can use for art therapy, some of which include: acrylic paint, water colour paint, magazine collage, pencil crayons, oil pastels, chalk pastels, markers, scissors, glue, paint brushes, and sponges.

Art therapy may help to articulate what may be otherwise difficult to express by using imagery, colour, and shape as part of the creative therapeutic process. It is normal for unexpected thoughts, feelings, or emotions to arise when making the art, which is why the art therapist is present to help support and hold space for whatever may come up.

No talent or artistic background to participate! Art therapy is about the process of art and not about the final product.


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To schedule an art therapy appointment you can contact the Nancy Umphrey at:
905-712-8119 Ext. 237

The initial art therapy session will consist of an intake where the art therapist will discuss any presenting concerns and objectives that art therapy may help to support you in.

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