Heart House Hospice has been accredited for another 3 years!

By Lisa Hoekstra,

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“The attainment of perfection is impossible, but by striving for perfection, we may achieve excellence.”

The purpose of accreditation is to challenge organizations, like Heart House Hospice, to constantly reflect on how we can improve the quality of our services for the individuals and families we serve.  It is also a measure of accountability that demonstrates to you, to us and to the community that Heart House Hospice is committed to continuously improving our services.

Everyone at Heart House Hospice wants our organization to be excellent – Excellent at delivering meaningful, person-centered hospice care.  We want to provide service that is person centered, valued within the community and contributes to helping make a meaningful difference to someone’s end of life experience.

CARF International announced that Heart House Hospice has been accredited for three years for its Home and Community Services and Governance Standards. 

We are proud of this achievement and we will continue to pursue the path to service excellence. 


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